ramblings on a tuesday

"You always wear my clothes." Joe Bradley
"It seems I do." Princess Ann
Roman Holiday

This is how I've spent the last two nights. 
Popcorn for dinner & old classics before bed.  

I have this brand new humble abode awaiting many splendid posts and I apologize for being preoccupied as of late.  This whole house hunting business is tough.  I thought I had found the perfect townhouse, but sadly, it didn't work out (they should tell you not to get your hopes up).  I've gone back to searching realty websites and going to open houses.  I'm so thankful for my wonderful parents for letting me stay and save money, but I'm ready to move out into my own place.  I have a few friends who think I'm crazy for wanting to buy a townhouse, but I can't seem to justify staying in an apartment, when I could be putting my money into something.  One things for sure, I definitely cannot wait to decorate!

Here are a few roomspirations for you:



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