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I simply cannot get over this outfit spotted on Lucy Laucht's blog.  There is something simplistic in the color blocking of the Alberta Ferretti Skirt and navy sweater.  Perfect for those cool summer mornings, but with a quick switch of the top, transitions into the perfect summer outfit.

My take:


summer inspirations

Summer has arrived, which means it's time to retire those coats and layers and pick up some new flouncy skirts, tailored shorts, floral prints, and those trusty white jeans.

Here's a glimpse of my summer style inspirations:

What are your favorite summer styles?

Images via tumblr & lucy laucht


pretty little things


High Rise Treatment

Sea NY twill short
215 GBP - liberty.co.uk

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania short
$440 - anastasiaboutique.com

Printed short
$479 - farfetch.com

Leifsdottir elastic waist short
$178 - leifsdottir.com

14,700 JPY - hfm.co.jp

Miss Selfridge tan short
36 GBP - missselfridge.com

This spring I've found a new staple for my wardrobe.  High-waisted shorts, skirts, pants, the whole kit and kaboodle.  I first fell in love with the high waisted look when I found the perfect skirt at Gap.  It's navy, has pockets and a bow to top it off.  Perfection in my eyes.  It can can be dressed up with heels and a sparkly necklace for a night on the town or toned down for a day at the office.  It was then only a matter of time before I found the perfect pair of black high-waisted trousers from French Connection at a local boutique.  I've now set my sights on finding the perfect high-waisted shorts, perfect for the many summer nights ahead spent out with my girlfriends.  These are a few of my current favorites!  What summer staple are you looking to add to your summer wardrobe?


DIY: Chan Luu Wrap Bracelet

So, I'll admit. I've been slacking on this lovely blog of mine, I feel like I say that quite often lately.  I would apologize but I'm currently catching up on my DVR'd shows (OTH, Gossip Girl, and of course, Glee -- Okay, I'll admit, I love Puck's version of "Friday"...and Jesse St.  James & Rachel's take on Adele -- pure love).  Other than watching a few guilty pleasures, I've been busy with work, buying a townhouse (eek!!), and enjoying the lovely weather that has finally arrived. I've also taken the time to start my latest DIY project. I've lusted over Chan Luu bracelets for months now, even picking up a similar bracelet at Club Monaco.  I used this tutorial and crafted my very own Chan Luu wrap leather bracelet. 

The Inspiration:

the brunette one's $7 version: 

Words of Wisdom -- DIY: Chan Luu Wrap Bracelet
When preparing the thread, I suggest to double the thread, to ensure the strength of the bracelet.  Also, make sure you cut the thread long enough (if you think it's too long, you'll more than likely have enough, but don't be afraid to use more thread, you would rather cut off the excess string then have to add more on like I did -- not a pretty sight).  DIY projects are always trial and error, but don't be afraid of the challenge.  You can make the bracelet as long as you want (mine is long enough to wrap twice around my wrist) and match any thread to the bead or leather cord you choose to use. 

Happy Crafting! 


zara wish list

If ZARA finally decided to use it's brain and open a store in Iowa, this is what I would purchase:

What would you buy?


a touch of summer

My preppy side is drooling over Land's End Canvas.  These things would just make me the happiest girl.  With the warm weather finally making its arrival in Iowa, the time has come for me to retire my winter wardrobe.  Stripes and denim are perfect for those warm summer days and easy to turn these looks up a notch for a night out. It's the little things in life, right? Since my work only permits sandals on Fridays ("between the toe sandals"), these Bailey's Closed Toe Espadrilles would be the perfect summer addition to my work wardrobe.


how to organize: beauty products


The Met Costume Institute Gala 2011

 "Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty" Costume Institute Gala at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York on May 2, 2011.

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