shoe lust

That dress. Those slouchy fringe boots. The cross-body bag.

I die.


Wedding Wear

I may not be attending Wills & Kate's wedding this Friday, but Saturday I have a friend's wedding to attend, I'm so excited!  While I'm still deciding what to wear, here are some options from the lovely online boutique, Varga.  Ruffles and floral prints make for the perfect wedding attire.  These pieces allow for movement so I can be sure to dance the night away!

And for the recovery brunch the next day, I would wear this striped tunic with white linen pants--time to spice up my striped collection with some red!

Spot something you like? Head over to Varga now!


julie haus

Last night, my favorite fashionista & sorority sister of mine, Megan, introduced me to Julie Haus. Browsing her website, I fell in love with her Spring 2011 Collection.  Inspired by a secluded Victorian mountain lodge that Julie Haus and her husband spend time at every summer in the Catskills, her Spring 2011 Collection has a tranquil and romantic air about it.  You'll be sure to fall in love with the delicate draping, a hint of color, and a chic investment.  Though some pieces are a bit pricey, ranging from $300-700, you'll be sure to find something you can treasure for years to come. I'm eyeing those navy shorts and that breezy yellow tank.  Though, I would be completely satisfied with that ultra feminine, draping  pastel blouse and structured shorts - or that khaki and navy blazer or the sequined blazer - a girl can never have too many sequined items in her closet.  Can't you tell? I'm in love.


Easter Weekend

I spent my Easter weekend eating too much candy and laughing too much with my family.  Couldn't have asked for a better Easter celebration.

Deadly Chocolate Covered Oreos Wrapped in Polka Dots

Easter Egg Decoration - Preparation

Mini Coated Cakes - Chocolate, Lemon, & Red Velvet

Remembering that it's OK to act 5 years old every once and again :)

princess kate

After spending an evening with William & Kate, I've decided that Prince William should have attended The University of Iowa, & met and fallen in love with me (I suppose that's a bit more "The Prince & Me", but a girl can dream). But alas, he's marrying the girl of his dreams this Friday morning, Kate Middleton.  While I may not get to become a princess in my lifetime, I can sure find some inspiration on how to dress like one.

What to wear to a Royal event or just a night on the town...

Perfect attire for a little retail therapy...

Patterned Wrap dresses with minimal accessories for Sunday Brunches

 Statement Accessories


Street Style

 Prim & Proper

Three of my favorite Kate Middleton Looks

So tell me, will you be watching come this Friday, for the wedding of the year?!



To say I've been stressed out this week is an understatement.  For some reason this week, I've just been "off".  I saw this quote on tumblr last night that couldn't have said it better.  I've been so focused on work, which is, by all means, a good thing, however; I need to get back involved with the things I love.  So I vow to spend a little bit more time with my splendid little blog, start dancing again, and spend as much time as I can with the people I love.  I foresee a massage, mani/pedi, and doing nothing but catching up on my DVR'd shows and blog roll in my future.  But until that day, there's retail therapy (such great sales going on this week!), and a few inspiring photos that have helped get me to Friday.


 How do you get yourself out of a rut?


the most stylish musical festival in the world

"I say, make time to dance alone...with one hand waving free."

I wish I could have attended Coachella this past weekend with music and fashion lovers alike.  If I had attended, I would have been thrilled to see Mumford & Sons and I would have worn one of these outfits.


Bracelet, 7,95 EUR

Here are a few of my favorites, captured by Mr. Newton, famed street style photographer.

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