Weekend Shop: Mismatched Earrings

I think I like this trend


Your Life, Styled: Tips to Master Dress Season

I pinned this image last night and couldn't help but take to heart Gap's styling notes for Spring! Remixing with a trusted chambray top, adding a brightly colored belt and a denim vest over a shirtdress, and throwing on a straw hat to combat any potential bad hair days. So many beautiful pieces for spring! I would also pick up this, this, and this. And have you seen these leather sneaks - a must, don't you agree?

You can also find me here today. Happy Friday!

PS. Voting started this week for Wallis' search for their first US Blogger Ambassador, if you could cast your vote here to help me win a chance of a lifetime -- I would be forever grateful!

image via Gap


Keaton Row: The Future of Personal Styling

You stand in front of your closet and think to yourself, I have nothing to wear. You have an important event coming up {wedding, work, meetings} and you need just the right outfit to knock everyone's socks off. You just want to spice up your wardrobe with a few new pieces. Wouldn't it be nice if you had someone to do the shopping for you?

Let me introduce you to Keaton Row. Take a style quiz to determine your sizing and brands that fit your style along with what needs or goals you have coming to Keaton Row {a special event, new job, cocktail party}. Then be matched with a stylist that most fits your personal style or I can help you out {insert shameless plug}. I will deliver you five to seven look books tailored to your needs. Order what you love and return what you don't. You pay exactly what the retailer is charing and nothing more! 

Do you have more questions? Check out Keaton Row's FAQ section here.

Want to get styled? Head over to my Stylist Page now to get started today!

*This post is sponsored by BrandBacker. As always I only feature brands and products I absolutely love and that reflect the general aesthetic of this blog. All opinions are my own.


My Style: Wallis US Blogger Ambassador Contest

I recently participated in a contest along side many stylish bloggers highlighting this Wallis blazer.  After the contest concluded, Wallis asked if I would participate in their search to find their US Blogger Ambassador. The winner will get flown to London at the end of April to be introduced as the new US face of WallisFashion.com and spend the year representing the fashion powerhouse not only in the UK but the US as well. 

I would be honored to represent a company that has a dedicated petites collection for ladies 5'3" and under {I'm 5'3"...on a good day} and pieces that are very wallet friendly for that working girl on a budget! You could pick up this, this, and these, each under $100!

In order to vote, you must first like the Wallis Facebook Page then click the banner at the top to direct you to the voting page. You can vote 1 time per day for the next two weeks (voting will end at midnight on April 9). After a two week period, a winner will be chosen from the top five bloggers who have received the most votes! Vote for me here and keep voting {and sharing on Twitter & Facebook} for the next two weeks - I will be forever grateful! 


Shopping Cart: Zara

The Brunette One - Shopping Cart - Zara
Checkered Blouse // Sarong Striped Skirt // Cropped T-Shirt // Green Heels // Black Heels // Yellow Cape Dress // Neon Clutch

Dream Shopping Cart Total: $349.40 (minus the clutch - which is now sold out)

In today's round up, I thought I would let you see what I'm craving from Zara these days..which on a good day, is quite a lot. A window-pane printed blouse and sarong style striped skirt are quite up to par with the black and white craze making its way across the nation. And that yellow cape dress - how amazing would that be to wear to my brother and future sister-in-law's wedding rehearsal in a few weeks with those green heels?. And I've decided that maybe, just maybe, it's time I jumped on the bandwagon of cropped tops & neon transparent clutches. 

Tell me, what does Zara have you lusting over lately?


Style File: Spring Fever

Fit In Clouds - Spring Fever

Another bout of cold weather really has me wishing for warmer temperatures, sunny days, and umbrella drinks {think #ihatewinter}, but until then dressing up in bright colors and floral prints will bring me out of these winter blues. I can easily transition this work from desk to date night with these Fit in Clouds flats!

This post was originally created by Samantha Peterson {TBO} for a guest post on Fit In Clouds.


Event: Des Moines Art Center Big Hair Ball 2013

About a month or so ago, I shot a few promotional videos for Des Moines Art Center Big Hair Ball! Yesterday the first video, which I shot with one of my favorite gals, Katelyn, was released! In the video, Katelyn of Katalina Girl and I take you on a tour of the Theatrical Shop in search of costumes inspired by the 2013 Big Hair Ball theme: Masquarade: A Forbidden Fairytale.

 The Big Hair Ball, which began in 2004 and occurs every other year, is one of the most highly anticipated events in the Des Moines area and statewide. This year it's on Saturday, June 1st! Stay tuned for more info and more fun videos {styling…make-up…DIY..the works} to help you get ready for the show! 

Make sure to share this video on Twitter and Facebook using #BHB2013 and follow me @_TheBrunetteOne to be entered to win a $25 gift card to Theatrical Shop.


Spring Break

Yesterday marked the first day of Spring Break at work, which for me, means I get to wear jeans all week long {we call these 'little victories'}.  I'm taking a little hiatus from TBO {don't fret - just for the rest of the week - knowing me I'll have a post up by Friday}.  I'm spending the week prepping some great posts for next week but also enjoying a little quality time with my fiancĂ© and prepping for another weekend in Minneapolis for my future sister-in-law's bridal shower! Hoping it's warm and sunny wherever you may be reading from! 

image via


Just Be You

When I started my blog almost two and a half years ago, I didn't know what my intent was. I was a frustrated recent college graduate, had moved in with my parents {which wasn't all that bad}, and jobless. I started The Brunette One after reading one too many interior design blogs and recreating many DIYs courtesy of PS. I Made This. One of my first fashion posts was something I created after a recent discovery of Polyvore. I would say from that point, I never looked back. It took months to tell anyone I had a blog. I remember when I first told my family and boyfriend, blog sounded like such a dirty word, but it's crazy the opportunities that have presented themselves since starting this endeavor and I couldn't be more thankful for this space. 

I was recently chatting with a friend of mine who mentioned that she and another blogger got to talking about blogging and the way you look. It stemmed a discussion between the two of us that struck a chord with me. The debate at hand: does the size and or 'look' of the blogger determine how popular that person is in regards to readership and potential partnerships with companies. I started this blog with no expectation and this year hope to turn it into a business. I showcase photos of what I wear, not to show off a new purchase but to show how to put things together that you may have in your own closet. I style outfits and put together collages in hopes of inspiring even just one person. But what erks me is that women still have a view of "If I were skinnier...If I were blonder...if I were taller..." better things will happen for me. We all have our moments of self doubt and moments of I shouldn't have eaten that third piece of chocolate cake, but I would hope that men and women who start style or fashion blogs do it because it is their passion and that they don't compare themselves to any other blog or bloggers {which at times, can be hard not to do}. I realize that I am never going to be five foot eight, I'm a small person and petite is all I will ever be, it's in my blood. But when you come to these places, look for the stylish inspiration in what you read. Not as encouragement to compare the way you look to someone who seems to have it all, whether it be the price tag of their clothes or the way they look. 

At this point, I may be rambling or maybe not making the point I'm intending to make but in whatever you do, whether it's starting a blog or coming to this space, just know that you are you, no one else can be you. You bring something unique and wonderful and beautiful to whichever space you inhabit and people will come to you for that. 

Quote by Tina Fey | Image Created by Samantha Peterson for TBO


Nine to Five: Spring Transition

I'm starting a new feature here on The Brunette One - Nine to Five.  I work in the corporate world and I have a feeling most of my readers do as well. I want to give you some great outfit ideas {at an even greater price point} that can help remix your working wardrobe! 

On a side note, nothing helps a long week at work like beautiful weather. It hit fifty degrees yesterday and the sun stayed out all day. It's the little things people, the little things. Tonight I get to meet my best friend's new baby boy, Landon, and Saturday will be spent celebrating my Irish heritage and my soon-to-be new Irish last name {McClelland}. 

Happy Weekend!


Kate Young for Target

Kate Young for TargetThis is what we call a home-run. will most definitely be treating myself to a few birthday treats {April 11th, the big 2-5!}. Available in stores on April 14th.  

Closet Craving: Pastel Flats

Spring is knocking on our doors and no better way to get your wardrobe in shape then adding a great pair of ballet flats {try these for less} to your closet. These pastel flats will pair easily with a gorgeous maxi dress & a long cardigan.


My Style: Blonds vs. Brunettes

Zara Tee | Gap Scarf {borrowed} | F21 Shorts, Jacket, & Necklace | Target Sneakers

Well guys, it's Wednesday. Is it just me or has this been the longest week ever? This would be the point in college where I knew spring break was just around the corner getting me through midterms. After a few years of working with out a warm weather break to push me into spring, I can most definitely feel that void. Which can only mean that a trip someplace warm is needed. Feel free to stick around here, I will be busy dreaming of beaches, fruity drinks, cute swim suits, and dancing the night away. 

PS. How amazing is this shirt? The moment I saw it at Zara, I knew I had to pick it up. It's only fitting, as I am The Brunette One after all. :)


My Style: Pumped Up Kicks

F21 Leather Jacket & Necklace {old} | Urban Outfitters Tee {Similar} & Sunnies | Gap Hat & Legging Jeans | Nike Kicks

So tonight's to do list consists of doing adult things like taxes and my laundry. I will try to sneak in a new episode of PLL and end the night with a glass or two of wine to celebrate completing those dreaded taxes. I wore this outfit a few weeks ago running errands in Omaha and a similar version of this outfit {jeans & wedge sneaks} again this past weekend in Minneapolis. Hoping you have a fantastic Tuesday!


My Style: Slouchy Leather Pants

gifted Lily & Violet Sweater | UO Slouchy Leather Pants {Similar} | Forever21 Necklace & Clutch | Target heels {Similar}

A girl's weekend was just what the doctor ordered! I spent an amazing two days up in Minneapolis celebrating the upcoming nuptials of my future sister-in-law. We started with dinner at Chino Latino on Friday night {I was a first timer and now I can't wait to go back!} and Saturday we took a walk on the creative side with Paint Your Plate, dinner, and a night out on the town! After a quick recovery breakfast, I ran across town to style an amazing photo shoot with Bow & Arrow Magazine! I can't wait to show you the final looks, but I snapped a few behind-the-scene photos on instagram! I managed to make it home safely after I hit the blizzard that is making its way across the midwest - like I've said before, I am so over winter. 

 Lily & Violet is offering you a 20% discount through Wednesday, March 13th! Thisthis, and this are on my spring wish list! Just use the code: thebrunetteone at checkout!


My Style: Striped Maxi Skirt

 J.Crew Chambray | gifted Lily and Violet Maxi | Sequin Bangles | UO Sunnies

I'm off to Minneapolis for my future sister-in-law's bachelorette party and a quick photo shoot with Bow & Arrow! March is going to be crazy, every weekend booked with traveling for wedding events and baby events {my BFF just had a little boy, Landon}! One must be comfortable when sitting in a car for hours at a time - and this maxi skirt is an upgrade from my standard yoga pant/ugg car uniform {don't judge - you know you do it too}. Happy Weekend!

For all my lovely readers, Lily & Violet is offering you a 20% discount through Wednesday, March 13th! This, this, and this are on my spring wishlist!Just use the code: thebrunetteone at checkout!


My Style: Black and White Floral Trousers

F21 Jacket | gifted Element Eden Floral Trousers |UO Tank {Similar}| Gap Clutch | Prabal Gurung for Target Heels {Similar}

If I didn't know any better, these trousers could pass for pajamas. They are seriously that comfortable. I wore them for the first night of OFW and then again to work on Monday. Seriously, my new favorite pant, I think I need them in this color too. Throw on a fancy heel and out the door you go! This is what you wear to work when you just can't make yourself where another pair of plain black pants!

Katelyn and I snapped a few photos from the red carpet.


Event: Omaha Fashion Week | SeeleyDesigns

Our first show from OFW was a collection of Ready to Wear lines on Friday night. The final collection of the evening was by the lovely Jessica Seeley | Seeley Designs. Let me tell you, it was the bees knees. Sequins & bows, scallops & lace, beautiful bright florals. Swoon.

Images take by Samantha Peterson for TBO.


My Style: Gap Camo Skimmers

After a few hours in the car, Katelyn and I arrived in Omaha. Our first stop was for coffee and Urban Outfitters. We both ended up with new sunnies and the same graphic tee {similar to this one}. We made the shopping excursion quick in order to get ready for Omaha Fashion Week's Ready to Wear show on Friday night {pictures to come tomorrow}!

PS. My girls, Lauren & Molly, have partnered up with Element Eden to host a few trunk shows over the next few weeks {Texas and Hawaii - I'm looking at you}. Make sure to check the schedule and if you are in the area - stop by! You are supporting an amazing cause {Kind Campaign} and get a chance purchase some amazing clothes! 


My Style: Pleated Blue Top

Forever21 Blazer {similar} | Le Tote Top | Le Tote Necklace | Nine West Heels {similar}

This was another causal Friday outfit. Simple and straight forward. Boots to and from the car and a quick switcheroo into heels for the day. So many fun posts to come this week, Katelyn and I had a blast in Omaha for Omaha Fashion Week. We took in the shows on Friday and Saturday night and even got to meet the dynamic Valentine siblings - Amanda & James, along with the dynamic 16 year old designer, Kate Walz, who recently showed at NYFW. 

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