my mind slips away...

Two weeks ago I spent a nine hours sitting in a car to make it to my own little paradise.  Every summer my family and I trek up to Northern Minnesota to White Eagle Resort.  Lake Vermilion calls our name and reminds us to turn off cell phones and stash away those computers.  Summer is about enjoying the gorgeous weather, great fishing, and quality family time, which for my family means game nights, wine on the rocks, rocking out around the campfire.

Here are a few snap shots I was able to capture before my phone died and was not seen again for 7 days...

stetson hat & marc jacob sunnies

at a cross roads

headed to the lake

triple d favorite (if you are a foodie, you know what i'm taking about)


this picture doesn't do the place justice

love this little set up

wild flowers next to the cabin

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Jennifer Leible said...

I love adirondack chairs, and these colorful ones are so cute! I recently took a trip up to Nova Scotia and our hotel had a line of adirondack chairs lined up viewing the ocean, it was perfect!

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