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My grandmother was a bit of a collector, a hoarder perhaps you could call her (she’d just shake her finger at me for saying that). She’d be the first to remind me that she grew up in a time of the Great Depression, where everyone made the most of what they had and made it last until the last drop was gone.  Although we may have given her a hard time about collecting cool whip containers, I can't help but be facintated about the number of pretty things she stowed away in the nooks of her house.

We found a great collection of hats and fascinators.

A clip-on earring collection straight out of Anthropologie.

Vintage Vogue Pattern - will frame this above the vintage Singer sewing machine (didn't have time to photograph)

Colorful vases that I can’t wait to find a spot for in my humble abode.

Every girl needs her grandmother’s fur stole and long leather gloves.

My great-grandparent's vintage luggage pieces. 

My favorite find of the weekend.  Two boxes of love letters from the Summer of 1947 <3

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Brittney said...

this is amazing! so many beautiful things that mean that much more because they're from someone you love! what treasures!

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