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I just fell in love, all over again, just don't tell my boyfriend. Sosie is a trendy online boutique that doesn't break the bank.   How affordable, you ask? Let’s put it this way: I dare you to find anything over $100. Adorable dresses begging to be paired with tights and booties average around $40; all tops ring in anywhere from $16 to $86, and fall-perfect shorts, skirts, and printed pants top out at just $65. I mean, helllllooo, this necklace, these sandals, that scarf. Sold.

So save your rent money for…well…rent, because for a limited time, you can get even more ShopSosie swag for your money. Right now, when you spend $45, you’ll get $75 to shop your bargain-loving heart out! We’re officially giddy.

You have 5 days to head over here to purchase this *sweet* deal & get $75 worth of swag for just $45—online only!


Jennifer Leible said...


Found it! I win! $137.

Just kidding!! You're right...it's rare! Great prices! I love this site! Thanks for posting and sharing it! I'm already filling up my shopping cart! Oops! :)

Samantha said...

Love it!

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