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Katie of Husband, Wife and Modern Life was kind enough to let us take a peek into her glamorous life in St. Paul, MN.  Living life with a bit of flair, laughter, and all that is girlie goodness, Katie shows us how to throw one amazing, Glitter Guide-approved, birthday bash!

I'm pretty sure the last true birthday party I had was when I turned 13 years old. I spent months running around town for every smiley face cup, balloon and party favor I could get my hands on because yes, my 13th birthday party theme was "smiley faces". I just loved a good theme! Thirteen years later was no different. Although for my 26th birthday I chose a more grown-up focus (champagne!) I made sure there were nods to the birthday parties I remember from my childhood - balloons, sweet treats and plenty of pink.

I started the planning process by cataloging my ideas and inspiration on Pinterest. My "Birthday Party Inspiration" board filled quickly and centered around
 this print shared by a good friend (my girlfriends know I'm smitten with bubbly libations).  Armed with my pinboard of plans, I set out to find some pretty but not-too-pricey ways to pull together a bubbly birthday bash. 

I Baked: Simple Rice Krispie treats turned into "Rice Krispcicles" with just cookie sticks and chocolate. I Thrifted: A gold mirror for $2.99 served as a serving tray for sweet champagne saucers and I DIYed: Custom champagne labels with a printer and some Mod Podge.

Although a splurge, a ceiling full of ivory, pink and gold balloons was the perfect whimsical greeting when guests entered our house. The table in our living room held the goods (fresh flowers, salt water taffy, pink bags of olive oil popcorn) and our back yard glowed with strings of lights and paper lanterns.

I was lucky to have a camera-savvy friend agree to play photographer for the night, which was probably the best decision I made! I'm happy to have great shots of the party details, and most importantly, all of the fun I had with dear friends.

-  Katie


PS. You can find Katie's magnificent fascinator over at ban.do!

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Jennifer Leible said...

This an absolutely lovely birthday bash! I wish I was in attendance or could have my own birthday like that! So jealous!

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