Splurge or Steal: Tan Ankle Booties

splurge or steal: tan ankle booties
  {Splurgeor {Steal}

So not so new newsflash: ankle booties are very on-trend this season.  I'm sure you have seen this photo pop up all over the fashion blogging community inspiring many to create their own glittery booties, myself included.  And with the killer deals one can find with a little patience and the internet, you no longer have take out a second mortgage in order to afford such amazing shoes. Sequins aren't your style? These beauties are a go-to of celebs like Kate Bosworth.


Brittney said...

No one rocks the booties like Kate Bosworth! Great finds! And I think I actually like the "steal" better in this case (which I rarely do!) Steve Madden also has a great bootie out that looks just like the Isabel Marant's Kate wears.

Erica said...

Oh those ankle booties! Sometimes I love them & sometimes I hate them, but I really like those from Pac Sun!


Jennifer Leible said...

I would go for the steal, I actually think they are way cuter! :)

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