splurge vs. steal: ankle strap heels

I have a new found obsession with shoes with ankle straps, I find them to be very dainty and delicate, the ankle strap softens up the heel. I spotted these Alexandar Wang heels and knew I had to find something similar and affordable!  The 'save' version offers the very on-trend "t-strap" design that can be found on many recent designs.
ankle straps


Jennifer Leible said...

The other thing about shoes with ankle straps is that they are much easier to wear! No worries about them slipping off!! I actually like the steal ones better! Is that bad?!?! :D

Quiqui said...

Beautiful heels!!!

Katie's Bliss said...

Love the Alexander Wangs but sometimes when you're on a budget you gotta gotta go for the steal!

I'm following! Nice blog btw :)


jessbuurman said...

so many girls who love to wear high heels in each style and in trend it makes your style very stylish..,!!

jessica said...

love the high heels...ankle straps makes the outfit look more feminine and amazing!!

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