Reader Question: Packing Essentials

Q: What are your packing essentials for a spring or summer vacation?!

A: I would begin building around neutral-colored pieces that can be mixed and matched.  Starting with four outfits, I was able to remix & match 16 times. And while you may not be on vacation for that long, you will be working with versatile pieces that can be put together to satisfy one's ever changing moods.

Don't forget to pack for nights out on the town - I picked two different styled dresses. A fun & flirty, short dress & a long maxi dress.  If you don't want to wear one of the 8 pieces meant for day, you can easily pair the maxi dress with a jean jacket or cardigan and flat sandals for a dressier day look. And while some people may choose to pack a few pairs of shoes, 6 seemed plenty enough for me. :) Tennis shoes for walking around sightseeing, flip flops for days at the beach, wedge sandals to pair with my dresses for going out or even dressing up a day-time look, and flats if I'm in the mood.

Pack accessories that will go with every outfit to minimize what you are taking with you.  This bright yellow necklace and pink scarf go with each of the outfits I've put together, and brings a pop of color to each look. Gold accessories are simple for an every day look.  I packed a cardigan and two jackets, as weather can be quite unpredictable.

For purses, I would suggest packing an extra tote that folds flat - throwing your clutch and/or cross body bag within that bag.  That way they only take up space when you are using them and they are easy to store.  If you are planning to hit up the beach on your vacay - make sure to pack your sunglasses & a stylish hat to protect your face!  Don't forget a cover up!

Bottom line - pack what you feel most comfortable in, don't pack your most expensive items, & more often then not you will over pack, you will realize you won't wear the black flats, but you wore the cognac sandals everyday.

I hope these tips help the next time you pack for vacation! Also - a packing tip - pack dresses by folding them in half and placing a tissue paper in-between the fold to prevent creasing, and roll outfits to make room for more space. Check out this great video for more tips on how to fit all of this in that.
Packing List
packing list
If you have any questions about the pieces shown above, email me here!


Ashley {styleash} said...

Love all of your tips! I'm heading to Mexico next Friday and I will definitely keep this in mind!

Shawna Hynes said...

Super helpful & interesting post! :) I definitely having to keep this in mind for my upcoming trip, as I usually pack random items & end up frustrated with poor planning haha

<3 Shawna

P.S. Also wanted to let you know I've nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award! :)


Taylor said...

wow!! I wish I was able to put this many outfits together from the pieces I have. I am awful at this.... come over and do this to my closet now, please :) ?? great packing tips!


Aboleyn said...

Great advice! Thank you, Sam! I need to purchase all of these so I can make 10 outfits!

Katie Klepek said...

Where can I get all of those items you listed?? I love everything. Especially the cream colored skirt!!

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