Farmer's Market

The Des Moines Dowtown Farmer's Market has to be one of my favorite parts of summer.  I love wandering in and out of all of the boothes, picking up fresh fruit and veggies and coming home with yummy pastries & gorgeous flowers. 

Court Ave.

Beautiful Peonies

Farm Boys Heart Food Co. Burritos & Breakfast Bowls 

Caffeine Break

Successful Trip to the Market

Farmer's Market outfit photo op turned into a puppy photo shoot

What I Wore {Gap Dress & Rebecca Minkoff Bag}


Emily said...

Hi! I just found your blog and was excited to see this poster - I'm moving to Des Moines in July and the farmer's market is something I'm looking forward to! All your flowers are gorgeous.

SarahLagen said...

I miss IA farmers market-- there is something about them that will always remind me of home [maybe because my grandma used to take me with her all the time] Thanks for inspiring me to look up the closets farmers market to me!

Your looking beautiful in the dress Sam! Miss you lady!!

Erica said...

Love your dress!


chelset said...

The breakfast burritos @ the "Farm Boys Hearty Food Co" stand are AMAZING!! :)

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