Old Favorites

When not dressing for the office or for a night out, you can usually find me in some variation of this outfit; a comfy tee & denim.  I have started to clean out my closet {it's quite the process, but stay tuned, you will soon be able to shop my closet!} and have come across a few long lost favorites, this skirt included.  I wore this outfit out for a quick bite to eat with my boyfriend. Also, I am very pleased to introduce you to my boyfriend's pup, Floyd, he wanted to make his apparence in these photos too :)

American Apparel Top // J.Crew Chambray Skirt // Rebecca Minkoff Cross Body BAG



Kelli said...

so cute!! love how basica but stylish this is. are you going to be selling on threadflip?? i've seriously been making piles and piles of stuff that i just need to photograph. so time consuming!!

Giovanna said...

Cute look! Loving your skirt!


Taylor said...

love that purse!!!


SarahLagen said...

these pics are awesome-- what kind of camera did you get that your using?

PS- you might have a second career in modeling!

Lauren said...

You look great!

I have been my cleaning my closet out, as well. It is a horrible task. So many things to go through and I have been finding some odd, very dated things. Ha. It's fun though. I came across a couple gems I forgot I had, too.

Love that bag. I am a huuuge Minkoff fan. I just love all of her bags. They are great!

Love the sneak appearance by the pup! My boyfriend's dog sneaks in sometimes, too! She gets jealous I'm getting the attention! ;)


Meg {henninglove} said...

this basic outfit looks like my summer staples, casual t-shirt a cute skirt and a fun crossbody bag. i love yours!

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