Guest Post: Beauty & the Beard

Hello lovely readers of The Brunette One!
I'm Laura from Beauty & the Beard, and naturally was excited when Samantha asked me to help out in the form of a guest post while she was away (Btw, Hawaii for work? Seriously? Sign me up for that job!). 


If there's one thing I love, it's summer dinner parties and barbecues. There's something so perfect about a cool summer night with friends, drinks, and homemade food- isn't there? Naturally, with my sweet tooth, I love creative desserts-and all the s'more ideas I've seen lately on Pinterest are sheer perfection. 

I mean, a s'more bar with different flavored marshmallows, chocolates, and graham crackers? How did I not think of this first? 


I will absolutely be having a s'more bar at one of my summer parties this year, and so I've started compiling some of the essentials:

What would you build your s'more with?
[I'll take a regular marshmallow with a chocolate caramel bar and a Chips Ahoy, please]

Thanks so much for having me Samantha- hope you're having a blast on your travels!


Laura [Beauty & the Beard] said...

Thanks for having me lady!! have a great work-vacation!

Shelby Allen said...

Love this idea! My family has a cabin and we experiment with the Chocolate part of the S'Mores all the time. My personal favorite is using a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup for the chocolate. Sometimes we will put peanut butter on the graham crackers and then add the marshmallow and Hershey chocolate.

Anonymous said...

Such a fun post!!! I love the "happy camper" wrapping! Such a fun party idea! xo Elizabeth

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