life lately


{ballet at glaza studio}

{friday night fancies..i spy baublebar}

{at the market}

{collage boutique favorites at the market}

{bow ties for your man & your pup}

{perfection spotted at market day}

{afternoon treats - may or may not be rereading fifty shades}

{sunday brunching attire}

{newest DIY...tutorial coming next week}

{dots on dots - thanks ebay for the j.crew skirt!}

{strawberry spinach salads...my weakness}



SarahLagen said...

I love that you take ballet lessons, I wish I did that! I miss the days of dance classes!

Gayle GWishlist said...

I love the 50 shades books. I'm almost at the end of book 3 and am considering reading them again :).

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