Take Note

Truth be told, I love seeing trends come full circle and I love seeing some trends fade away - seriously, flatforms, go away already}. These inspiring, beautiful & strong women are not only ones to look up to but something to take note of their amazing style and how what they wore then is still on trend now!

Meryl Streep looking ever the summer beauty in a colorful floral print, tortoise shell sunnies, and a neutral toned carry-all.

Fall basics {riding boots, blazer, and leather jackets} in Manhattan with Barbara Allen & Jerry Hall.

Brunching in a LWD {and amazing loafers topped with knee high socks} with Henri Cartier-Bresson.

Angelica Houston perfecting the summer uniform - high waisted shorts, a classic button down, & espadrilles. 

Sophia Loren beating the heat with a crop top & denim shorts. 

Diane Keaton taking a page out of the men's book with a vest & tie set.


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