1. Move to New York City.
2. Jump out of an airplane.
3. Chop my hair off.

What would you do?


Becky {The Pumpkin Spot} said...

Great question. I would start up my own boutique!
Are you coming to IFB in September???

Amanda said...

I just found your blog and I'm so glad I did, obsessed = new follower!
Happy weekend! Xo

Laura said...

if i weren't afraid?
1. go deep sea diving (sharks terrify me)
2. dye my hair dark brown

kathrynelise said...

1. quit my job
2. take a month to travel
3. start my own business

great post! xo

- Kat, everyday chic

Anonymous said...

1. Quit My Job
2. Travel
3. Open a Boutique

Love this quote and idea for a blog post! Might have to steal it from you (of course giving credit)! :)

SarahLagen said...

1. Travel around the world
2. Publish what I write more
3. Become a yoga teach

Love the quote too, very thought provoking! :)

Emily Davis said...

Oh my gosh I love this post! Might have to copy!!

xoxo, Emily

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