Taking a Moment

No new fashion posts this week. I’ve taken a mini-break but have some exciting giveaways in the works in the next few weeks. I’ll be back to scheduled posting next week! Hope everyone had a *festive* New Year. Ours was super low key. Had people over for champagne, pizza, and a few games and then made it to just past midnight. The fiancĂ© is under the weather and I was tired from working on Monday. But excuses, excuses – I think I’m just getting older! We spent all of New Years Day in bed, watching movies, napping, a bit of wedding research and reading for me! I just finished Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore – so good, definitely recommend it to those who appreciate a mystery! We then caught the evening showing of Jack Reacher – also a great book series that I recommend by Lee Child. I didn’t think Tom Cruise could fit the bill but he wasn’t half bad. Have you seen Les Miz yet or Silver Linings Playbook? Those are next on my list!

Here’s hoping your Wednesday does not feel like a Monday and thank goodness for short work weeks.

Happy 2013!



Amanda said...

Hope the fiancée feels better! I actually saw Silver Lining over Christmas and I def recommend it! Funnier than I expected and of course Bradley Cooper is easy on the eyes!

Taylor said...

hope you had a wonderful NYE! I want to see silver linings playbook so bad - I heard it is amazing! I also want to see this is 40 because Paul Rudd is my favorite. Happy 2013!


Katie Wilkes said...

I saw Les Mis over the weekend. I had never seen the play or anything before, but I liked it. A little slow in the beginning, but then it picks up. Really want to see Silver Linings. Bradley Cooper is one of my faves.

Quiqui said...

Happy New Year! I didn't see Les Mis yet, saw the play, though, years ago. My sister in law saw it last weekend and said it is really good!

Danielle {Envision Pretty} said...

Cant wait to read what all you have planned for the upcoming weeks! :) Sounds like such a nice NYE in, hope your fiance feels better!

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