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When I started my blog almost two and a half years ago, I didn't know what my intent was. I was a frustrated recent college graduate, had moved in with my parents {which wasn't all that bad}, and jobless. I started The Brunette One after reading one too many interior design blogs and recreating many DIYs courtesy of PS. I Made This. One of my first fashion posts was something I created after a recent discovery of Polyvore. I would say from that point, I never looked back. It took months to tell anyone I had a blog. I remember when I first told my family and boyfriend, blog sounded like such a dirty word, but it's crazy the opportunities that have presented themselves since starting this endeavor and I couldn't be more thankful for this space. 

I was recently chatting with a friend of mine who mentioned that she and another blogger got to talking about blogging and the way you look. It stemmed a discussion between the two of us that struck a chord with me. The debate at hand: does the size and or 'look' of the blogger determine how popular that person is in regards to readership and potential partnerships with companies. I started this blog with no expectation and this year hope to turn it into a business. I showcase photos of what I wear, not to show off a new purchase but to show how to put things together that you may have in your own closet. I style outfits and put together collages in hopes of inspiring even just one person. But what erks me is that women still have a view of "If I were skinnier...If I were blonder...if I were taller..." better things will happen for me. We all have our moments of self doubt and moments of I shouldn't have eaten that third piece of chocolate cake, but I would hope that men and women who start style or fashion blogs do it because it is their passion and that they don't compare themselves to any other blog or bloggers {which at times, can be hard not to do}. I realize that I am never going to be five foot eight, I'm a small person and petite is all I will ever be, it's in my blood. But when you come to these places, look for the stylish inspiration in what you read. Not as encouragement to compare the way you look to someone who seems to have it all, whether it be the price tag of their clothes or the way they look. 

At this point, I may be rambling or maybe not making the point I'm intending to make but in whatever you do, whether it's starting a blog or coming to this space, just know that you are you, no one else can be you. You bring something unique and wonderful and beautiful to whichever space you inhabit and people will come to you for that. 

Quote by Tina Fey | Image Created by Samantha Peterson for TBO


Laura said...

that quote! oh tina fey, how i love her! great post lady- something good for us all to think about :)

StephT said...

Your blog really hits home. I love reading your blog and other blogs similar to yours. I love seeing the outfits you put together, but sometimes I wish I could see someone that looks more like me. Size 14 and on the short side. Sometimes the outfits don't work for my figure. Its been really hard to find a successful blogger that looks like most women in America. You done a great job calling out that everyone should work with what they have. I still get lots of good ideas from the blogs that I incorporate into my wardrobe and I will continue to read them, but I think your point is valid that you may need a certain look to be successful.

Caroline said...

That quote is great and everything you said is true. Women are always told a thousand different things that all contradict, but we are supposed to be everything at once. I'm so happy you started your blog, since it is a daily point of inspiration for me. You are definitely brave for coming out and saying what a lot of people try to ignore.

~ Caroline

Zoƫ said...

I think you, and Tina, make a great point! Blogs should be a safe place where you can be yourself and share your favorite things, views, and likes with others. We hear about our physical imperfections from so many other sources, so we should all take care of each other and build each other up on these forums! Thanks for posting :)

kathrynelise said...

Thanks for posting this! And the quote it perfect. I totally get it and feel what you're saying... In fact, I HATE taking outfit posts because I only judge myself and can only see my flaws. Especially when I compare myself to other bloggers - the way they look/dress and don't feel I compare. This was the perfect inspiration to start the week.

xo Kat

Leah B. said...

M'lady, if this were Reddit, I'd upvote ya. This is resonating so hard, I'm sure not just with me. It's HARD to figure all this out! Moments like lately, when I'm in a rut at my job, I fancy myself a fashion/lifestyle blogger but my camera is broken and I have to pay for debts and stuff before buying a new one, etc etc etc, it's a comfort to know I'm not the only one who's been confused at times. Even if just one girl reads this and realizes she's OK, she can be confident who and where she is... you've done good by that one girl, and that means a lot in this world.

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