Shopping Cart: Zara

The Brunette One - Shopping Cart - Zara
Checkered Blouse // Sarong Striped Skirt // Cropped T-Shirt // Green Heels // Black Heels // Yellow Cape Dress // Neon Clutch

Dream Shopping Cart Total: $349.40 (minus the clutch - which is now sold out)

In today's round up, I thought I would let you see what I'm craving from Zara these days..which on a good day, is quite a lot. A window-pane printed blouse and sarong style striped skirt are quite up to par with the black and white craze making its way across the nation. And that yellow cape dress - how amazing would that be to wear to my brother and future sister-in-law's wedding rehearsal in a few weeks with those green heels?. And I've decided that maybe, just maybe, it's time I jumped on the bandwagon of cropped tops & neon transparent clutches. 

Tell me, what does Zara have you lusting over lately?


Emily said...

That yellow dress is gorg! So wishing we had a Zara in Iowa.

Rachel Lynne said...

Ahhh man! That clutch is too cute! So sad it is sold out :(

Anonymous said...

I cannot get enough of Zara right now! I literally want EVERYTHING! xo

Chelsea **A Bit of Sass** said...

I love Zara! Those green heels need to be mine!!

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