Closet Craving: Transition Pieces

With warmer temps finally on the horizon, I can finally transition my wardrobe to accommodate the heat {and by heat, I mean low 70s}. This maxi skirt is easily remixed for a weekend at the pool, a lacy top transitions from a sexy/cool vibe to music festival ready, Lollapalooza, perhaps, and that white blouse taken from winter to spring for a summer office look, trendy yet professional. Are you more apt to remix your wardrobe or swap out winter with your summer pieces?


Quiqui said...

I love those transition pieces. But I have to confess, I am not to good at it. Do you have any tips?

Samantha said...

Quiqui - When you buy pieces, start from the get go of envisioning how to wear them? Can they go easily with a blazer and tights? Sandals and bare arms? Can it be worn to the office and on the weekend? Pieces that layer easily with blouses (over or under dresses, for example)or can be easily paired with a jacket or swap out those trousers for a skirt! If you need any more help or have certain pieces you are thinking about - email thebrunetteone@live.com! I'm happy to help!

Caroline said...

Great Pieces! I love the skirt on the third outfit for later also!

~ Caroline

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