Getting lost in a new book with a warm cup of tea {I have a black tea addiction} in my new hand-painted mug. 

Truth, I am not a morning person. I hit the snooze button five times, race out the door, and make it to work just past 8 o'clock, on a good day. I spend my days in a grey cubical in front of two large computer screens {our company is moving into a new renovated building in July - natural light, lots of white, and even sit-to-stand desks..it's the little things people}. You can usually find me updating our database for our online merchandise catalog {I buy for video games, health & fitness, and pets, whoohoo!} and researching amenities for our event management programs that operate in San Diego all the way to South Africa. 

Once five o'clock rolls around, I high-tail it home. Monday evenings you can find me teaching ballet in the East Village. Every other night of the week I am usually out to dinner with my fiancĂ©, or we are parked on the couch, catching up on the latest shows {PLL is my guilty pleasure}. Between every day life happenings and my full time job, I find time to sit down and work on my labor of love, my little corner of the internet, The Brunette One

Here is a glimpse of a week in my life. How I relax, where I find my inspiration, and even a sneak peek into a project my bestie, Katelyn, and I are working on!

Friday night agenda consisting of a pink mani & testing some beauty products courtesy of BirchBox.

Katelyn capturing the action during our video shoot at Meredith.

The editor's goodies from her home made for the most fitting props for the shoot.


Caroline said...

Such great pictures! I love that mug it is so cute!

~ Caroline

Alissa said...

Those colors from Butter are so pretty!

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