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Things have been quite busy around these parts! A few Midwestern bloggers {Lauren, Maya & Katelyn, and I} have officially launched the Midwest Style Bloggers site.

Starting in May, the blog will start having daily posts from all different Midwest Style Bloggers! It will be a great way to connect, network, and meet like-minded style mavens. 

With summer coming up, we would love to share some traveling tips from bloggers around the Midwest - from Minnetonka to Des Moines. We're asking bloggers to share their favorite sights, eats, hometown secrets, and whatever else you think a traveler would need to know coming to your city! Feel free to share tips and tricks from any other vacations you go on as well, we could always use more European getaway photos! Sound good? Let us know if you're up for the challenge! Email us @ Midweststylebloggers@gmail.com and we'll feature you on the blog, our new "travels" page and more.

If you're blogging from the Midwest, be sure to join the party! We'd love to share all the talent & creativity (as well as small businesses) hailing from the heartland! We plan on hosting a meet up this summer at the Go Blog Social  conference in Kansas City this August {have you gotten your ticketyet?!}

If you're interested in joining the Midwest Style Bloggers collective, please email me at: thebrunetteone@live.com!

Find us & join the conversation on our blogFacebookPinterest & Twitter!

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