Live Healthy: Lettuce Wraps

I'm happy to announce a new series on The Brunette One, Live Healthy. I'm notorious for pinning images of work-outs and healthy recipes {though you may notice I have a bit of a sweet tooth}, but never following through with them in real life. I reached out to my dear, dear friend, Amanda Tyson**, who I've met through Kind Campaign and asked her to put together some easy food ideas & recipes for the girl on the go. First up, easy lunches when you need to bring your lunch to work!

Lettuce Wraps:
Take 3 pieces of Romaine Heart lettuce and wash them.
Spread as much hummus as you’d like onto the lettuce
Add low sodium turkey & veggies of your choice
Wrap them up & enjoy!

**I've known Amanda for many years and I've seen her do some amazing things. She courageously auditioned for Biggest Loser Season 12 and was a casting finalist, but did not make it to the show. After that, she decided to take it upon herself to start her own journey of weight loss and self discovery. She has now decided to motivate and guide others in the right direction and encouraging that everyone CAN do it too!

Amanda is my inspiration to start living a healthier life style, to get my butt in shape for my wedding, and to finally start trying these recipes & work-outs


Brittany Fowler said...

OMG those actually look delish...and healthy!

Brittany at DigitallyLUX

lauren @ la petite fashionista said...

just what i need! the boy + i have been trying to eat extra healthy for this next month before we go on a beachy vacay!

Maya {CharminglyStyled} said...

Ummm....yes...I need these in my life! I've been looking for healthy ideas, and this is perfect for my crazy life right now. Thanks for the inspiration!


Anonymous said...

I recently made cabbage wraps, but after filling in the chicken mince, i wind the leaves with a thread and steamed them for a few minutes.

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