Life Update

Whew. What a crazy few months it has been. From a trip to WWDMAGIC in Vegas as an official blogger to my first trip to New York Fashion Week thanks to Wallis, to getting back into my everyday casual routine, life has just been nuts. I haven't had much time to breathe since returning from almost back to back trips. And with autumn's official arrival, we dive head first into wedding planning with engagement photos this evening and my first bridal shower in two weeks. I have some great things in the works coming up for The Brunette One, I just ask for patience as I try and balance my full time job, wedding planning, and this blog. Last week I had to deal with some pretty unfortunate things that I can't talk much about here, but I just ask all of you to back up your computers. Stop saying you'll do it tomorrow, next week or next month. Do it now. You will never know when something will happen and everything may be lost forever. Lessons learned. I may be posting sporadically until I am able to get a new laptop - so I just ask for your patience.

In other news, here is what has been keeping me preoccupied this past week:

A casual fall look. Can't wait to recreate this Kendi creation.

Wedding plans, slowly but surely falling into place

Have you ever done a detox?

These cut-out ankle boots are to die for. If only money grew on trees.

I can't wait for Halloween {cue Hocus Pocus on repeat and the Pumpkin Spice Lattes} - too soon?!

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