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This time, every year, I tend to hit a snag when it comes to documenting my outfits. The temperatures have started to dip too low for any sane person to walk outside sans puffy coat and snap what he or she may be wearing that day. Keeping in mind daylight savings time, I can only shoot on the weekends. I spent Saturday running around with my mom and talking table decor and flowers. The next items on our list are finalizing the guest list and getting out our save the dates (which I happen to be designing...I am crazy, as I think I have a million hours a week to do it all).

Sunday was spent watching a movie in bed with our breakfast, then scouring open houses with my parent's, we love browsing dream homes, and making a fun Christmas-themed trip to Target. My long blog to-do list went unchecked and I simply enjoyed the day. I'll be paying for it tomorrow and Tuesday as the Thanksgiving weekend starts on Wednesday evening for my family.

As for the outfits, they will be a bit more sporadic through this winter months and I have a few that will be hitting the blog within the next few weeks that I can't wait to share, just asking for a bit of patience and understanding! So in lieu of an outfit post, here's a little inspiration I have to decorate my mantel for the holidays!

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Lauren Felix said...

I'm the same! It's pitch black by the time I leave work, and not super ideal for outfit posts also.. freezing :)

sounds like my parents + me. we LOVE open houses. i'm always the nerd snapping pictures of the interiors on my phone :)literally obsessed with the target christmas collection This year. it's like they read my mind!

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