Merry + Happy: DIY Flower Pouf

While I've long been obsessed with ban.do, I don't always have the budget to splurge on my favorite stylish and playful hair accessories {though I've just add this and these to my Christmas Wish List}. So, this holiday season, I've taken the Pom Pom Flower into my own hands. 

Tulle or Fabric of Choice
Felt (color match to tulle)
Hot Glue/Gun
Hair Clip/Pin (or both)
Needle & Thread
Paper Plate

Step 1. Cut the edges off your paper plate, use the smaller circle as a template. Trace and cut out 10-15 (depending on the thickness of your flower). Tip: Fold the tulle and cut out all the layers at once. 

Step 2. Cut out two small circles from the felt. Stitch one tulle circle onto the felt as a 'base' layer. 

Step 3. Fold the remaining circles into quarters, sew the corner onto the center of the 'base' tulle layer/felt. Repeat with each tulle circle you cut out. Make as full of a flower as you wish. 

Step 4. Once each layer is sewn onto the 'base' tulle/felt layer, add hot glue to the back of the felt circle and cover it with the second felt circle. Hot glue your pin or clip (or both) to the backing. Let dry. 

There you have it, an easy and festive holiday DIY to adorn yourself for all of your festive soirees!


Sarah Thompson said...

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Anonymous said...

That dress! Where did you get it?
I would do a pom pom flower in shimmery pink :)

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