Merry + Happy: #uglyxmassoiree

Last Friday night a few of my very best girlfriends got together for a little soiree of the ugly sweater variety. Despite our choice in ugly sweaters {I DIY'd mine the night before!}, in our own ways we each still managed to glam up our look. I wore a gold flower pin from ban.do, Emily donned a fur vest, Jenny wore cluster pearl necklace, and Katelyn wore a glittery bow headband. 

We were blown away by Emily's tablescape and holiday decor, girl really outdid herself. By the end of the night we were full of champagne, the giggles, and had fantastic DIY headpieces to show for. Instead of a white elephant gift exchange, we each were instructed to bring a gift we would want ourselves. Gifts were attached to string and each string was wrapped throughout Emily's apartment, wherever we ended up, that was the gift we took home!

See all of our photos from Instagram!

1 comment:

Lauren Felix said...

you guys are SOO cute. loved all the instagram picks from the party- so reminds me of me & my friends!

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