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If you've known me for any length of time you would know my love for SATC. Like Carrie, I often agree that I like my money where I can see it, hanging in my closet, or often on my feet. A recent count left to believe I have a thing for shoes, whether they be high heels, sandals, boots, you name it. With Carrie's love obsession with her heels, it's no doubt that rubbed off on the beautiful and talented Sarah Jessica Parker, the actress behind the character. SJP has teamed up with Nordstrom to debut a 25 piece collection in addition to clutches and the timeless trench coach, each a personal reflection of her taste and style. 

With the excitement of her recent launch, SJP is touring her six favorite cities and has documented those places on the Nordstrom Pinterest board, "SJP: A Day in Her Shoes." She shares with fans her personal favorites - of course,  "The Carrie", which as she describes as a strong shoe, that elongates the foot, highlighting the delicate straps and the grosgrain ribbon on the heel remind me of my beloved pointe shoes. Very fitting as SJP sits on the board for the New York City Ballet. Another is "The Allison", which is an edgy take on a high heel, paired with distressed boyfriend jeans and a printed blouse and out the door you go!

Equally as exciting is the opportunity for you to be entered to win an SJP "shoe wardrobe" and a $2,000 Nordstrom gift card {ahem, yes please!}. The contest ends March 14th, after SJP's final Nordstrom stop in Dallas.  Simply repin from her board onto any of your boards. Where would you wear her shoes, what favorite NYC haunts would you love to visit? Once you've pinned your favorites,  submit your entry here

For more details on the contest, click here.

See more of the SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker Collection below: 

Image Source: The Coveteur 

I was asked to and agreed to promote this contest; however, this is not a paid sponsored post. I'm merely sharing my love of fabulous shoes with the world! 


Jacy said...

This collection is pretty amazing, and it has such a SATC feel! I'm loving all of the color and delicate designs.


Esther's Consignment said...

Her collection is FUN! Would spend $$$ on a pair just to get them signed by SJP. ;)

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