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My cousin approached me this weekend to help her find outerwear in preparation for the upcoming winter season.  She recently made the move from Atlanta, GA to Madison, WI.  As someone who has rarely had to deal with the harshness of mid-western winters, she needs my help in order to survive the blistery weather.  

A few of my favorite stores, ZARA & GAP offer suggestions for girls on a budget.  Here are my favorite picks that will sure to help her [& you] stay warm once those temps start to drop.  Don't be afraid to add some color, I'm loving the Red Toggle jacket from GAP. Don't forget to add some accessories; outerwear is not complete without scarves, hats, & gloves.


GAP/Old Navy Coats
ZARA 2011 Coats


Jennifer Leible said...

I'm loving the one from Gap...cream with toggle buttons and fur lined hood! Though coming from St. Louis, a longer coat the covers the backside & hips is nice! 2nd choice it the Zara longer black zipped one.

Jennifer Leible said...

P.S. Thanks for your tutorial on the braided bun. I tried and loved it. Gave you credit too!
Check it out:

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