life passing by

After a stressful week, I made sure to make the most of this past weekend. I spent Saturday celebrating my mom's birthday and spending quality time with my family.  We indulged at The Waterfront {where my mom took on The Chuck Norris & won} and followed up with a movie.  We finished our night at our local restaurant and bar, Sam & Gabes, with cocktails and great music. Sunday morning was left to catch up on my magazines & enjoy a delicious breakfast.  I eventually found the motivation to go into work for a few hours but made sure to enjoy The Grammy's {did you catch my live tweeting?} as I pretended to clean my room. 

my life lately, in photos


The Chuck Norris / Chocolatini / Leather & Leopard {inspired by Style Within Reach} / First Attempt at a Fishtail Braid {cc: Jason Wu for Target} / Spike the Punch / New reading material / Sunday Morning Reading / Sunday Morning Breakfast / Color Blocking Nails / Coveting this LBD / my artwork, displayed / $5 Target Hat


Quiqui said...

Like a lot your color blocking nails.

Bridie said...

You need to go check out the Von Maur shoe clearance room at Valley West Mall. I was just there this weekend and they had TONS of amazing shoes! Younkers had a decent clearance selection too. BCBG Next Generation shoes - less than $30 (Younkers), Jessica Simpson ridiculous height heels $24 (Von Maur). Love it.

Esther said...

Gorgeous photos, I love the necklace!!

Esther xx


Samantha said...


Bridie - The Von Maur shoe clearance room is my achilles heel! Maybe my favorite place to shop for shoes! Thanks for the heads up on all the new sale items!

Beth Peterson said...

Great weekend with You!!!!

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