menswear: layering


Most men I know have two types of shirts that take up the most closet space. T-shirts & button-ups.  If you are looking to shake things up a bit with your wardrobe, whether it be to work or for a night out, sweaters are a great option. Layering may not be for every man, but when done right, creates a classic, put-together look.  Start with a sweater, something in the same color palette (see here) or stick with something neutral.  Make sure the material is breathable and something you can move in, as layering often brings on the heat.  If you are feeling risky, move a bit further out of your comfort zone with leather boots and a blazer to complete your look! 


Ashley {styleash} said...

I need to show this post to the boyfriend- he needs a little help in the layering department :)

Allison said...

This is a fantastic look! I think my boy has all these pieces, I should ask him to check it out :)

~ Cousin Allie

Amy said...

I need to get the hubs some shoes like that. It's always hard to find his style, but this would look fabulous on him!

Thanks for sharing!


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