i brake for birds

I’m leaving you this Friday morning with a fun little quote from New Girl; don’t you just love Zooey Deschanel?! Last night Kiley & I enjoyed wine and fashion at worn, thanks to everyone for coming out to our event! This weekend I have no plans other then to sleep in, catch up on laundry – maybe even fold and put it away, and work on bracelet orders {twelve & a few custom orders}.

If you could stop by this link over on Facebook - please vote for my look! Threadflip is offering a three month blogging contract to the person with the most votes!  Threadflip is an online community where you can buy, sell, and share styles with women around the world.  The best part,put items from your own closet up for sale, and the company will help you ship items out!   You can vote once a day and spread the word to all of your friends! Thank you, so much, in advance for your support!

Happy Friday!

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1 comment:

Laura [Beauty & the Beard] said...

hahaha i love that quote- zooey deschanel is way too cute in that show! happy weekend lady!

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