Kony 2012

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Jackie, Samantha, Sarah, Katie

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you may have seen me talk about twelve. twelve is an organization created and co-founded by two of my amazing friends from college, Sarah & Jackie.  When asked to be apart of their team and create a bracelet to symbolize 'twelve' - I said, "yes", without hesitation.  Too often we have found ourselves standing behind one cause or no cause at all, inhibiting us from helping out where we are needed the most.  This year, we are changing things up. 

Our mission is to participate in 12 charities in 12 months.  We believe in making differences together, helping out in big & small ways.  twelve is a community saying "yes" when asked to help.  You can't count to 12 on two hands - you need the help of others and twelve has accepted the challenge.

Over the past two months, with the help of many, have raised over $2000 dollars in support of The University of Iowa Dance Marathon and JDRF.  Today, twelve's March project became clear.

Invisible Children is facilitating an international campaign aiming to bring Joseph Kony to justice, which will simultaneously change the world. 

Watch, learn, and help spread the word:


To show your support - purchase your 
twelve bracelet at 12bytwelve.bigcartel.com. All proceeds this month will go directly to Invisible Children's fight to bring Kony to justice.

There are some individuals who are placed on this Earth to do things much bigger than themselves. 

twelve is here to lend a helping hand. 

Will you?

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