Guest Post: A Sequin Dress at Breakfast

My dear friend Kiley, from A Sequin Dress at Breakfast, is here today to share with us her latest lust vs. must! 

While there are some items that are worth splurging on (a timeless purse, classic watch, and great pair of black heels for example), others are not. While this summer every girl should have a pair of bright colored sandals, the season can be rough on shoes and it doesn't make sense to spend more than needed on such a seasonal and easily worn down item. While I love Dolce Vita, and $70 for a great pair of shoes isn't unreasonable, it does seem silly when these Target ones are nearly identical in appearance but much less in price. These sandals come in all the best summer colors - turquoise and pink are my favorites - and with the money you save you'll have enough to pick up one in every color!


Anonymous said...

I love a bargain as long as they are as durable as the designers. This is the perfect color for summer. I love it with white, yellow, pink and of course other turquoise pieces.

A Bit of Sass said...

The Target sandals look exactly like the "lust" pair! Nice find:)

Trishelle said...

Love these target sandals!~ I did a post about them a few weeks ago too on my blog. :o)

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