Guest Post: The Unprecedented

The lovely Randa from The Unprecedented & the lovely artist behind the I See Noise prints on Etsy was kind enough to cover for me while I'm still away for my work trip! 

Hello to all the lovely readers of The Brunette One! I am so honored to be writing a post for all of you to read and I hope you enjoy it. My blog highlights everything I love in fashion, beauty and home decor so this post is a little mix of everything I talk about on the blog. Enjoy! xoxo R

Fashion and Home Decor – in my opinion – go hand in hand. You take aspects of fashion (trends, textures, colors) and mix it into your personal spaces. I have just recently noticed the similarities between the two for myself.

My home is vibrant and eclectic with tons of white mixed with touches of mint, gold and silver. However, my outfits seem to be overpowered with darker shades of blue denim, black and grey and tan. The idea is very much the same between the two with the palette, the way I accessorize and how I top it all off.

The Palette – Clean colors, vibrant in either bright or dark shades, basic and somewhat neutral.

My clothes are neutral in the base seem to be the raw pieces of my outfits. I add on with accessories and a great bag! My home is also in neutrals but topped off with lovely patterns and textures.

The Accessories – Always gold and silver.

My clothing may be neutral and the basis of the outfit but I always add a touch of sparkle with a great gold watch or chain link bracelet or a great leather handbag. My home is the same way with every separate area treated as a different outfit. Each area has its own sparkle with a vintage silver desert tray holding tea lights or a gold lamp.

The Topper – This would definitely be my shoes for an outfit! I love my shoe collection and each pair gives my outfit character. In my home it’s the fashion book collection and throw pillows. It brings it all together and gives the home a sense of who lives in it!

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