What to Wear: Snow Day

It's inevitable. Snow. It's going to happen sooner or later. I'm just never one to admit it or wish for it, unless it's Christmas Eve or it can get me out of work {which let's be real, would never happen}. So instead, it's best to plan for the worst. So why not look your best when scraping your car windows...shoveling...or while you practice your fanciest spins as you skate across the parking lot. 


Cotton said...

Ugh! I want a pair of pink duckboots like that! The problem is, it doesn't get cold down here! In fact, i've never even seen snow! Sad :(

Also, don't forget to enter my giveaway going on now! :)

LLinaBC said...

I can't say I'm mad we haven't had snow yet. I'm also NOT prepared. this will serve as a friendly reminder, it's time. and I need new mittens [every year, 'need' 'em or not].

Alex said...

Loved those boots as soon as I saw them in the J. Crew catalog. Just stumbled on your blog - glad to find other Iowa girl bloggers!

The Cardigan Diaries

boardwalksandboulevards said...

It doesn't snow too often in California, but those pink boots are pretty irresistible! Too cute!

- K.


Breakfast at Cindi's said...

Very cute post ! Love the boots : )

Breakfast at Cindi’s

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