Award Season: Golden Globes 2013

Here are a few of my favorites from tonight's Golden Globes. My favorites include Kate Hudson in McQueen, Jessica Alba in Oscar, & Julianna Margulies in Pucci {did you see the back of that dress?!}. So tell me, what were your favorites? 

A few of my favorite moments include: Tina and Amy hosting, Kristen and Will presenting, and J-Law's acceptance speech. Glenn Close 'drunk', Lena winning, and the fake nominees. Tina Fey stealing my joke about T.Swift. Jodie Foster's speech. For the record, SNL alum should always host awards shows.  

Get the Look: 


kathrynelise said...

Love that coral gown you found! So pretty.

Sara said...

Loved the coral dress on Jessica Alba last night. I also really loved Kerry Washington's dress.

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