The Brunette One Gets Married: Initial Planning

So I'm obviously new to this wedding planning business. I attended my first bridal show last weekend with two of my girlfriends and frankly was quite overwhelmed, though we did not leave with empty stomaches - I had my fair share of wedding cake! I have this idea in my head of what our wedding will be{and a fiancĂ© who trusts my judgement} and now it's a matter of making it come to life. We will attend another bridal show this weekend and hopefully finalize the size of wedding we wish to have, which will help us determine our available venues. 

So now I ask for your sage advice with wedding planning - anything we need to know as we embark on this journey? What websites do you recommend using to create our own couple website?


Becky {The Pumpkin Spot} said...

Hey! I am getting married in October 2013 and I'm in full planning mode. CONGRATS to you! I just bought a wedding dress and I'm trying to plug away with stuff on my list. My fiance is setting up our website from the Knot (you can go there and sign up for a free account). I also really like " the knot book of wedding lists". Its a short book and has everything organized by lists (which I love). Good luck and let me know if you have any questions!
The Pumpkin Spot

tiny dancer said...

Unfortunately I have no advice - but I did want to say that the back of that dress pictured is stunning <3 Wowza!


Taylor said...

yay I'm excited for wedding posts :) i have no advice, as im not a bride, but the internet is endless. that lace is gorgeous! have fun this weekend!

Grace said...

Can't wait to see the wedding photos! So excited!


Emily D. said...

Stylemepretty.com has the best examples of real weddings and tons of links to other sites! I just got married this past May! Congratulations!! Such an exciting and fun time!

Allison said...

Glad you're starting to dive in! We used mywedding.com, and love it. I like it because it was pretty simple and step by step, since I'm not THAT computer savvy!

I also think wix.com is worth checking out. I wasn't up to the task, and also wanted an RSVP option with the site, so we didn't use it. But I think someone who's better with computers could make an awesome wedding site on there (though it's not marketed as a wedding website program).

Here's my site if you want to look!


Anonymous said...

Congrats!!! As a very recent bride I will give you the only piece of advice that I have, and boy will it sound silly, but - You should LOVE your dress. The feeling of joy sound be abundant and unequivocal. I talked myself into my dress a little and it is the only thing I regret from the day. There will be plenty of compromises down this path, no matter the budget, but the dress is another thing entirely.

Let yourself gorge on mags, blogs (I recommend Oncewed, Snippet and Ink, and Stylemepretty) and then let yourself ignore them for a few days/weeks/months.

Above all, repeat the following as necessary - This may be THE day, but it is not the ONLY day.

Bon chance and cannot wait to see the posts to come!

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