Event: Savior Magazine Launch

As I mentioned yesterday, Saturday evening was spent honoring this beautiful creature, Lucy Shay. She is the mastermind behind Savior Magazine. This semiannual publication is made up of editorial fashion photography with collaborations by stand-out artists and up-and-coming models and designers. If this magazine isn't showing the world that people in the could ole' Midwest know what we are talking about, I'm not quite sure what will. I was beyond honored to be able to share this moment with her and the rest of the Savior team. I can't wait for the next issue, so until then, join me here & here for all the latest updates!

The goods. 

 Laughing with Katelyn

The women of Aimee, Trouble Lights, Ms. Lucy Shay, Bethany

Em & I

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Meanz Chan said...

Love this post. Silly me, I forgot to take photos are the event, but this is a great recap! It was a lot of fun, and it was nice to finally meet you! Oh, and I loved your outfit, that lace dress is spectacular!

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