National Wear Red Day with The Heart Truth

If you didn't know yet, today is National Wear Red Day. And red, my dear friends, is always in fashion. You know what else is in fashion? Being healthy. Each year, the first day of February is a day that we call attention to the number one killer of women: heart disease. And it also happens to be a day of celebration for all those who are taking some action in protecting that very important muscle. 

I stay heart healthy so I can enjoy every single moment of my life. So I can withstand marathon shopping dates with my girlfriends, so I can dance the night away with my fiancĂ© or in the studio with my students, so I can enjoy that big bite of dark chocolate, and so I can continue to spend all the time physically possible with those I love. 

So tell me, why do you stay heart healthy? Post a photo of your National Wear Red Day outfit on Twitter, Instagram, Vine, or Facebook with the hashtag #HeartTruth and a quick message as to why you stay heart healthy. Help spread the word! 

Make sure to watch the live stream of the Red Dress Collection Fashion Show on February 6th via the The Heart Truth's Facebook page

To follow the Heart Truth's initiatives, follow along on their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest

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