Interiors + Exteriors: Living Room

Instead of resolutions for 2013, I have intentions. One of these intentions is to finally turn the townhouse into our home. After living here for over a year and a half, we barely have anything up on the walls.  Plus, I have this crazy nook in the living room over my fireplace that I have NO idea how to style. We have a tan couch and recently added this rug. I would love to find a new coffee table and to find some great wall art. And if any one has advice for the awkward nook - I'm all ears. 

Gold accents.

Perfect styling for those little nick nacks.

Geometric rug + a bean bag chair.

Romantic + Cozy. My dream.

The Faux Taxidermy. I love the trio on the wall, reminds me of this home tour.

I have a lucite chair, now all I need is a lucite coffee table.

My mantel is in desperate need of a mirror and some fabulous candelabras.  


Kelsey said...

I think gold accents are my favorite touch to a room. Great pics!

x Kelsey

Amanda said...

I love this round up of your ideas. Such great inspiration! Can't wait to see any and all progress!

maggie philbin said...

Love the lucite table. Good luck filling the awkward space! What site is the Geometric rug + a bean bag chair from? I love that rug! Thank you:) XO

boardwalksandboulevards said...

I love the idea of the lucite mixed with gold touches. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

- Kaitlyn

Boardwalks & Boulevards

Jamie Salcedo said...

I'm not sure about that bean bag in that photo, but the rug is great. The sofa is great, though - I'd love to see something like that on sale in upholstery Philadelphia locations. Thanks for the photoset overall!

Mary Moore said...

I noticed that majority if the pictures have the striped accents. Would you love to have stripe pillow covers at home? That's the simplest design, yet very fabulous and classy.

Jackie Smith said...

Your color combination made the interior of your living room look lavish and elegant. Great work!

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