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Thanks to the wonderful world of blogging, I’ve been able to make some pretty great friends – if not real life friends, definitely internet blogger besties. Last fall, Kat was gracious enough to host me for KCFW and let me tag along to meet a handful of other KC bloggers for the weekend. I love the community that Kansas City offers its fashion, beauty, and lifestyle bloggers and can only hope that Katelyn and I can start to form that here in Des Moines. But while that may be a work in progress, I bring some amazing news to us Midwestern Bloggers. Kat and her good friend, Sarah Scoop, have announced the launch of Go Blog Social Conference that will be taking place in Kansas City this summer.

Go Blog Social is by bloggers, for bloggers. Kat and Sarah decided to launch this conference to find a better want to connect-the-dots between businesses and bloggers. This conference is all about doing just that, all while having fun and getting social. GBS will feature some talented speakers with great topics that can relate to bloggers of all shape, size, reach, and topic. And this limited-seat conference will give tons of one-on-one opportunities to meet businesses and other like-minded social media/blog lovers. I am lucky enough to help the duo, bringing in my experience in event planning. I am too excited for words!

So now is where you come in. Tickets will be up and available soon for purchase. But in the meantime, the Go Blog Social crew is looking for a group of talented guys & gals that want to help make this conference happen. Yes, that means interns/volunteers! Want to help us launch a blog conference? If the answer is yes and you happen to have some great skills in the social media, graphic design and/or events, department - we need your assistance! The perks, you get to attend the conference for FREE. Check out the website listings for social media, graphic design and events openings and send in your applications by April 10 to be considered. For other inquiries, ideas or if you're interested to be a speaker/panelist, please contact us at info@goblogsocial.com.


kathrynelise said...

Eek! so excited!

Rachel Lynne said...

This sounds amazing (and like a lot of work)! I'm not sure what I could help with, but I would love to. I really want to meet more bloggers in the Midwest!

ashley cooper said...

Just found your blog and love it! Just became your newest follower!! Have a great rest of your day dear!

-Ashley Cooper @ design-parlor.blogspot.com

Kylie Rae said...

This sounds amazing, how exciting for all the bloggers in this area! I wish Portland had an event such as this :)

xo shimmermepretty.com

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