Twenty Five

Today, I’m a quarter of a century old. I saw this on Facebook the other day and couldn’t help but chuckle to myself. I know I’m getting older and time flies much too fast for my liking. But twenty five will be a great year, yet hard to beat twenty four {I switched jobs, TBO took off, I got engaged, just to name a few things…}. I have put together a list of twenty five things I hope to accomplish this next year, much to the tune of this list. 

1.    Read 10+ new books {I didn't get the nickname Books in middle school for nothing...}
2.    Take more photography classes & a graphic design class.
3.    Attend a blogging conference….in New York…and attend a show or two while I’m there. {September 2013 via Wallis Fashion}
4.    Establish an LLC for The Brunette One and start working on the next phases of my little corner of the internet. {July 2013}
5.    Plan at least two events for the Des Moines Fashion & Beauty Bloggers.
6.    Truly enjoy our engagement and try to accomplish all of our wedding to-dos by my 26th birthday {April 11, 2014}, hopefully everything will be set for our May 31st, 2014 nuptials.
7.    Decorate at least two rooms in our townhome – and photograph them for TBO.
8.    Scrutinize my closet and donate, store, or toss all the things I never wear.
9.    Throw my first dinner party.
10. Invest in a classic, timeless handbag.
11. Take up ballroom dancing, again. {I took it in college, obsessed.}
12. Make it a habit to work out – take a class, sign up for a gym membership, and train for a race? – Disclaimer – I am not a runner. {Signed up for The Color Run – Des Moines on July 13}
13. Send more handwritten notes, thank yous, just thinking of you cards.
14. Take a spontaneous trip with my fiancĂ© and visit a city we’ve never been before.
15. Throw out twenty five things and do not replace them.
16. Eat our way through Des Moines – discover at least ten new restaurants.
17. Take a cooking class.
18. Invest in a few cookbooks or just finally use those recipes I’ve pinned on Pinterest – and cook 25 new recipes.
19. Find the perfect little black dress.
20. Read every Jane Austen novel. {Does not count for #1}.
21. Cut my hair – thinking of a LOB {this may have to wait until June 2014 – post wedding cut}. {See here}
22. Establish an editorial calendar for features like My Style, Nine to Five, Your Life, Styled.
23. Have a staycation in Des Moines this summer.
24. Try five new foods.
25. Put $50 into savings for every goal accomplished {$1250, baby}.

Cheers to 25


Hannah Sharfman said...

Happy Birthday!! Your list is amazing! Realistic but yet still challenging!


Happy Birhday!!! Loved reading your lis!

See you in my blog, maybe.


Happy Birhday!!! Loved reading your lis!

See you in my blog, maybe.

Sarah Christensen said...

Great list!! I know you will be able to knock all of them off!! Happy Birthday babe!!

Jenny Singh said...

Happy Birthday Sam! This list is fabulous and I'm sure you will accomplish it all!

katie said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'm seriously rolling on the floor laughing at that buzzfeed link! SERIOUSLY so many true things on that list. Hope your day is fabulous - love your blog!



Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Haha! That link was hilarious. But I'm 31 so I need to make one about 20's vs your 30's....I'm not that funny though.

Elizabeth Cannon said...

Happy Birthday Sam!! This list is amazing, I'm going to have to make a similar list for my 25th :) xoxoxo

Shelby Allen said...

Happy Birthday! This is a great idea! And if you like Mexican food, for #16 I highly recommend El Patio on Ingersol! It's my favorite place to go when I come back to Des Moines. And their food and Blue Margaritas are TO DIE FOR!

Danielle {Envision Pretty} said...

Wow what a great list of items to accomplish! Cant wait to tune in for the next years worth of excitement and cheer you on!

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