The Brunette One Gets Married: Receiving Lines

This week I'm discussing receiving lines over at Grey Likes Weddings. I've informally polled family members in attendance at my brother's wedding, our Priest, as well as discussed in depth with Cody. We, along with our bridal party and photographer, will be taking a trolly around to snap informal photos in-between the ceremony & reception. That leaves a gap in between events which will be offset by offering a cocktail hour for the guests. 

So, do we have a formal receiving line at the church? Excuse guests from the pews? Visit every table at the reception? Or take note of these creative informal receiving line ideas {thank goodness for Pinterest}? Check out the full post over here!

1 comment:

Taylor said...

holy crap - how was I not following your wedding board on pinterest!? so many pins! I know what I'll be perusing all weekend....


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