My Style: Lake Casual

J.Crew Tee & Hatgifted Cushe Shoes

Well, Monday, we meet again. After spending nine glorious days in Northern Minnesota at Lake Vermilion, I can say without a doubt that I would much rather be there than heading back to the office this morning. I spent the entire week soaking up the sun, the waves, catching a fish or two, and finally caught up on my reading list. This was the first 'real outfit' I wore the entire week, as my wardrobe consisted mainly of swimsuits during the day and sweatpants in the evenings! 

I wasn't able to post while I was away {unplugging is good for the soul} but if you hadn't heard yet, Google Reader is no longer so make sure to follow The Brunette One on bloglovin' for all the latest and greatest!  

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Sarah Christensen said...

I love those shoes, perfect for summer vacation trips!

Rachel Lynne said...

Love the hat!

Laura said...

Do you watch the show Dexter? You look a lot like Deb in those aviators! Very cute. :)

Maya {CharminglyStyled} said...

Cute cute shoes - they sound comfy too! I'm so happy you got some time to enjoy some R&R away from work and emails :)


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