A Case of the Monday's

This past weekend was a bit of a whirlwind in the most unexpected ways. I spent all of Saturday attached to my laptop. I signed up for Blogshop Online and spent the day fine-tuning my photoshop skills and learning new (and much easier) tips and tricks. The above image was one of our practice images. I can't wait to put all of my new skills to use…stay tuned for a full review of Blogshop Online! 

In the mean time, I am traveling for my day job this week to Las Vegas. Upon my return next Friday,  I have two exciting photo shoots lined up next weekend followed by another trip, this time to Savannah the following weekend to speak about social media {not for the day job}! And once I come home from that trip, I have a huge shoot for a freelance project. Whewwww.  Even just looking at the calendar makes me exhausted, so I merely giving fair warning for my radio silence over the next two weeks! 

1 comment:

Lauren Felix said...

so many exciting things happening for you Sam! can't wait to hear about blogshop!


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