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Last year I was introduced to a multitude of brands at WWDMAGIC. Of those brands, I fell in love with Darling, a London based brand {more specifically this white floral embellished dress}. Nadia Moraes, the designer behind Darling was inspired to launch her collection by the lack of affordable, beautiful and stylish clothing available.  

Her designs combine an ultra feminine and vintage inspired touch with a quintessential "English" vibe. This brand identity is what put Darling on the map and the attention to detail and quality is what keeps it there. From the intricate laser cut details on the sleeves, to the leather trim pocks on these pants, it's what is in the details that sets Darling apart from other brands. 

I can't wait to see what Darling has up its sleeve for their Fall/Winter 2014 Collection and I hope I get to find out this February at WWDMAGIC! I'm entering the contest again and would be so honored to be selected a second time to be apart of the amazefest that is the official blogger team at WWDMAGIC. I would only continue to grow in my career in fashion and social media and would love the opportunity to experience it again! 


Jenny Singh said...

I so hope you get to go again!!

Brooke and Meggan of Somewhere, Lately said...

Hopefully you will get to go again - love their stuff! xx


B & M

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