Hello Again!

Oh, hey there blog world! I've fallen of the place of the planet again (this may be the 10th post I've written like this...but oh well...it's my blog, I can write what I want to...right?!) Not without good reason, wedding month has arrived (22 days and counting!). And real talk here, there just isn't enough time in the day to do it all between my job, wedding plans, and my other side gig, so this blog has been on the back burner as of late. I'm wrapping up my DIY wedding projects, finishing centerpieces, and trying to relax. May 31st is right around the corner. I can't wait for all of my friends and family to arrive to help us celebrate our wedding! We will be headed off to our honeymoon the Monday following our wedding, so except some radio silence before we return to any sort of regular posting schedule - but I do have a few fun posts lined up between now and then...including styling these bad boys.

I've been hard at work with my dear friend, Emily, on our venture, StyleEsque. We've teamed up with Divine Caroline to share how to provide affordable styling tips & tricks for your events and around your home! See a few sneak peaks on our instagram (the photo above is from a recent shoot). In addition, you can also find my archive of DIY projects I've crafted for Divine here. Would you like if I shared them here as well? Let me know in the comments below!

I've alluded to it a few times, but within the next few months The Brunette One will finally be making the switch to wordpress and getting a redesign! I can't wait for a fresh new design. My aesthetic has changed over the last few years and while I'm still all for glitter and pink, I need something more grown up and feels like me! So stay tuned for more updates on the refresh!

You can always follow along on Instagram for daily updates and my Pinterest for daily inspiration!



Jessica said...

Definitely share the posts here as well! Can't wait to see the redesign :) Enjoy these last few weeks before your big day!

Samantha said...

Jessica - I will try doing more recaps and links over to my projects, I have a few of my favorites coming up and want to share them everyone! :)

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