Blogger Buzz vol. 10

Last month, The Blogger Buzz shared books they like to cozy up with on rainy daysAnd since April showers bring May flowers, the crew thought it might be fun to share their favorite blooms.
  1. Samantha Peterson of The Brunette One // I love Ranunculus, such a simple and lush beauty!
  2. Lauren Felix of La Petite Fashionista // When I first moved to Wisconsin, I was so spoiled because I had Peonies growing right outside my house! I was always sticking them in mason jars.
  3. Meghan Anderson of Downtown Daydreams // It depends on the season, but Peonies always catch my eye! I love how dainty they are, and adore the plethora of beautiful colors you can find them blooming in.
  4. Laura Podlich of Beauty & the Beard //  Orange Lilies remind me of my mother's gardens at the house I grew up in!
  5. Katherine Nolden of The Duchess of Plumewood // Gerber Daisies lift my mood every time I see them—so bright and fun!
  6. Ashley Fine of One Fine Day // Whenever I have white-colored Hydrangeas in the house, I suddenly feel as though I live in a Nancy Meyers flick (Something's Gotta Give, anyone?), or I could mingle with Ina Garten in The Hamptons.
What's your bloom of choice? Do tell.


BLovedBoston said...

I love Gerber daises they are just so pretty! Not to mention hydrangeas and peonies are my absolute favorite flowers of all time!

Lindsey Hutter said...

What a cute series!!!!!

xo, Lindsey

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